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Children's book Author and parent Lance Waite writes new children's book "A Day With My Dad" and "A Day With My Dad At The Beach", dedicated to his children.

San Diego Author and parent Lance Waite writes new children's book "A Day With My Dad", dedicated to his children. When asked what made him write such an inspirational book, Waite says that he wanted to express his love for his children and show the meaningful bond between father's and their daughters.

He also noticed the majority of children's books sold in stores today do not emphasize the paternal bond between children and their fathers or real life experiences.

"While imagination is great and we should never discourage it", Waite says, "I felt it would be refreshing to share with our children the many opportunities for adventure that exist all around us."

The story takes place in the beautiful mountainous outdoor environment with vivid illustrations that depict the vibrancy of the poetic storyline.

Waite has always been interested in writing since a young child. He hopes that this book series will leave behind a legacy that his children will keep for a lifetime.

In our busy often hectic lives of school, sports and schedules...what matters most to kids is "quality time spent with you focusing on them, having fun with them and doing something they will enjoy with them", Waite said.

Waite hopes that parents will find this book to be a great read and inspire them to make lasting memories with their children.

"A Day with My Dad at The Beach". This book features colorful illustrations of events with Waite's younger daughter while they discover the many adventures at their local beach.

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Lance Waite

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