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Lance Waite is a published author of children's books. Published credits of Lance Waite include
A Day with My Dad and A Day with My Dad at The Beach.

Lance Waite:

"There are not enough relationship books between kids and their parents. I believe there is an important element that should be addressed about relationships between parents and their children".

Describing how children and parents can share a particular experience. One of the most basic elements of relating to our children requires us, as parents, to have conversations with our kids, about subject matter that is important to them.

Lance Waite's first children's book, " A Day with My Dad" is a story about a father and daughter taking time to go hiking in the hills near their home.

We may remember as kids what our parents did for us, but most of us don’t know and didn’t realize just how much our parents cared about us as children, until we became parents ourselves. I want to remind -and maybe motivate- parents to set aside time for their kids, do things together, talk to them and make sure to have a relationship with their kids, not just at breakfast or in a car while running errands.

They will remember it later - just like you remember yours- and those times and memories will carry throughout their life and somewhat will form who they will be.

Your relationship with your kids is one of the most important things and one of the easiest .Simply take time to talk to your kids, spend time with your kids do things together.

About Manuela Pentangelo (Illustrator) : Manuela was born in Holland, but has lived in Italy all of her life. She studied architecture in college, but knew there was more she wanted to do. Manuela pursued her dream of working in the fine arts which led her to children's books. She is a member if the SCBWI and currently lived near Milan.. Manuela enjoys traveling around Europe for adventure and inspiration.


Book Information
Publisher Parents Publishing Group, LLC
Binding Hardcover
Reading Level Ages 4-8
# of Pages 32
ISBN-10 1601310161
ISBN-13 978-1601310163
Publication Date 06/08/2008

A Day with My Dad at The Beach.
Children's Book Description
A father takes some time off work to spend a special day with his daughter at the beach. The father and daughter swim, build castles and talk, bonding as father and daughter. This is a terrific story and example of a father’s relationship with his daughter and the great fun they have together at the Beach.

Colorfully illustrated and written in rhythmic prose this book is an easy read for parents and fun and exciting for their children to listen and imagine their own special day with their father.



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